When we discuss wounds in podiatry, we are talking about ulcers, defined as open sores where the outer layers of the skin have broken and the deeper layers become exposed. Ulcers need to be assessed and treated immediately due to the risk of infection in the skin and bone.

Poor-fitting shoes, lengthy stays in bed, and injury to the skin are to blame for ulcers that develop. But, there are also certain risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing an ulcer:

  • diabetes
  • neuropathy
  • vascular disease

A patient with an infection may experience drainage and a strong odor from the wound. The skin may be red, inflamed and depending on the person, there could be pain. An absence of pain does NOT indicate the wound is not serious. In other words, you could still have a serious wound without it being painful.

Dr. Will Rosena, DPM is skilled in dealing with all kinds of wounds. He is on the Wound Care Team at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, where he practices limb salvage (saving limbs) using various methods. If you or a family member are concerned about a wound that's developed, call our office immediately to schedule an appointment with Dr. Will Rosena, DPM.