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Foot Surgery   ~   Fractures   ~   Diabetic Wound Care 

At Dr. Will A. Rosena, DPM, we offer complete family foot care in a child-friendly, wheelchair-accessible practice with easy access from anywhere in Western New York. We pride ourselves on providing expert care that is personal. That means you will see Dr. Rosena at every visit, for assessment, treatment and follow-up. When you choose Dr. Rosena, you are choosing a respected, experienced and compassionate Podiatric Specialist and Surgeon. Dr. Will Rosena understands that seeing a specialist can be an overwhelming experience and wants patients to feel at ease and informed about their condition, as well as the various options available to them. 

Whether you’re suffering from chronic heel pain, infection, diabetes, flatfeet, sports injuries, or a complex condition requiring reconstructive surgery, Dr. Will A. Rosena, DPM is committed to helping you return to the quality of life you’ve become accustomed to, through expert assessment and skilled treatment of the foot and ankle. 

Our primary Mission at Dr. Will A. Rosena, DPM is Saving Limbs and Enhancing Lives

  • by giving patients sufficient time in their appointments to share their symptoms and concerns
  • by empowering patients to ask questions and actively engage in their recovery
  • by providing timely access to educational and medical resources, and
  • through ongoing professional development, to explore the latest medical interventions, surgical techniques, and evidence-based practices introduced to the field

As you browse our website, meet Dr. Rosena below and be sure to have a look at our complete List of Services. In addition to Foot Surgery, Dr. Will Rosena is also a licensed DME (Durable Medical Equipment) supplier, specialized in custom orthotics, bracing, diabetic shoes, fracture boots, surgical shoes, night splints, heel lifts, and products designed to cushion and support irritated, inflamed and painful feet. Call the office today so that we can begin your healing process.

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