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Podiatrists: First Responders for Vascular Disease!

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) puts out a brief 2-page Newsletter on various topics. This Month we are targeting Vascular Disease. Click on the link HERE to learn...

  • What is Vascular Disease?
  • What are Symptoms of Vascular Disease?
  • What do Ulcers have to do with Vascular Disease?
  • Are you at risk for Vascular Disease? Take the Quiz.

If you have concerns about your own health or managing the risk factors associated with vascular disease, please request an appointment with Dr. Will Rosena today.


  • "I've worked in healthcare for many years and I can honestly say Dr.Rosena is one of the most dedicated, friendly, and compassionate physicians I have worked for. Dr.Rosena has a great rapport with his patients and takes time to get to know them and thoroughly explain their conditions based on their needs whenever deemed necessary. What to expect when coming to see Dr.Rosena would be friendly and knowledgeable staff,  short wait times and a physician who is dedicated to help you." - Courtney
  • "Being the daughter of a physician myself I have a very high personal standard of what I think can and should be expected from any health care professional. It is without any hesitation that I say that Dr. Rosena was able to effortlessly surpass all of my expectations. His intelligence, knowledge, desire to learn, work ethic, attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond for the wellbeing of his patients are some of the reasons that he is an incredible doctor. His sense of humor, kindness, gentle demeanor and genuine concern for the patient and the community are what make him an incredible person. I would not say that I worked for Dr. Rosena as much as I worked with Dr. Rosena. He continually made me feel like an equal and made it clear that he valued my opinion and was always encouraging and open to new ideas on how to better serve the patient, the community and his employees. It is rare in life to find people who dedicate their lives to listening to the needs of others with a true desire to help, Dr. Rosena is undeniably one of those people and I am very lucky to know him." - Kathryn
  • "Dr. Rosena is an excellent doctor who cares about his patients and his staff.  He never rushes with a patient when treating them.  He takes his time and uses his education and experience to solve their foot problems.  I am proud to be part of Dr. Rosena's staff." - Colleen

Dr. Will Rosena recently completed an intensive cadaver workshop at the prestigious Podiatry Institute in Atlanta, where he learned cutting-edge modern surgical methods and treatments, along with 15 other surgeons. Contact our office today if you would like to request a surgical consultation with Dr. Rosena.

"New Study Proves Care by Podiatrists Dramatically Decreases Lower Limb Amputation." Click HERE to read more!

Dr. Will Rosena has privileges at  DeGraff Memorial Hospital, Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, and Buffalo General Medical Center. We are thrilled to be able to provide podiatric medicine and surgery to the patients at these facilities.

Dr. Will Rosena has privileges at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, where he takes consults, does surgery and is on staff at the Wound Care Center. This is a first-class facility much like the staff who work there. If you are in need of surgery, call our office today to book an appointment for a surgical consultation. 

The Niagara Gazette published a front-page article on Dr. Rosena and our Practice - November 23, 2015. Click the word "article" to find the link to the story. *** Please note: The article states we have "offices", however we have just one location (87 Mead St.).  In addition, Dr. Rosena is a specialist in podiatric medicine and surgery (not pediatric medicine and surgery), although we do see pediatric patients.  We accept all major insurances (not all insurances). 

The North Tonawanda Sun newspaper published an article about Dr. Rosena and our Practice in July 2015. Have a look!

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